Sunday, October 28, 2012

In preparation for Frankenstorm

It's crazy in New York City at the moment. The stores are PACKED with people stocking up on supplies, the lines snaked right down each aisle and the supermarket was running out of food! CVS had sold out of flashlights and candles and there was a general sense of insane panic. I feel like I'm about to be in the real life version of The Day After Tomorrow.

Here's out prep....

Madness at our normally empty supermarket

Taping up the windows

This is all we need to see us through, right?

Since I took this photo half an hour ago, the sky has got much darker

We're ready for you Sandy. This is going to be quite some Halloween Fright Night. Bring it On.


  1. Oh man, now I feel so bad for complaining about the snow that got dumped on us here! Glad to hear you've done your preparations and that you feel ready. Good luck weathering the storm and enjoy your rum, chips and ice cream :)

    1. Haha it's okay, I'm the the snow can be a pain as well! The storm doesn't seem to have really hit yet, it's just getting windy. Expected to hit tomorrow I think. However I've already cracked open the ice cream - delicious! :)

  2. Like Erin (my sister) said, I feel bad complaining about the snow and chilly temperatures we've been getting lately. Frankstorm is so much more ominous! I hope you were able to find all of the stuff that you needed and that you stay safe!

    1. You guys are sisters?!?! THAT IS SO COOL! Ah you're totally welcome to complain! I just wonder what Frankenstorm is going to be when it comes through NYC. The weather reports are scary! We went out for a walk just now, it's just lightly raining and windy but i'm expecting it to get much worse...