Saturday, November 17, 2012

Road Reading

I mention road reading a lot, so I just wanted to show you exactly what I mean.
I managed to capture my man walking along a New York street the other day totally engrossed in A Dance With Dragons.

So - road reading - walking along the street, head buried in your book (or kindle) and only slightly watching where you're going.

Dangers - stepping in dog poop or vomit or anything else you could imagine is covering the sidewalk and walking into traffic.... you must be very careful with this.


  1. I am not brave enough to road read. I can barely walk and drink from a bottle at the same time. lol I'd probably walk into oncoming traffic, step in dog poof, or slam into someone. You're both very brave. :)

    1. Haha its always a risk.... It's like an extreme sport!

  2. I am so not coordinated enough to do this. I've tried reading on the treadmill before and I couldn't even do that. :)