Friday, August 24, 2012

My [strange] Writing Snacks

It might just be me ... but when I write, plan or brainstorm I get really hungry.

Does anyone else get this problem?

I start snacking. (Ugh, I must have a problem. I wrote the word snacking and then immediately went to grab a snack... sigh)

Anyway, I've been watching my snacking choices over the last week and they seem to be getting stranger...

I started with a cup full of grapes - delicious, right?! Then I started snacking on kettle corn - sweet and salty and oh so good. I tried Kale Chips - now they were delicious, and I'd grab some carrots and tomatoes now and then too. None of these are particularly strange. In fact they're reasonably acceptable snacks.

Check out my skill! Not bad eh!

Brace yourself for what I'm about to tell you. You may think me nuts. Or you may think me a food genius. I think the latter.... my FH thinks the former.

I'm a celiac. In fact I have all sorts of strange dietary requirements (one of which is coffee, le sigh). Anyway, I do love me some gluten free bread. Of course my gluten free bread typically needs to stay in the freezer and it seems to take longer than normal bread to toast. I get lazy and impatient waiting for it to toast..... so I eat it frozen.

Maybe not so strange, back when I could eat gluten I would eat frozen normal bread. Anyway, alongside eating frozen bread, I have an addiction to Nutella. I think this has pretty much been a lifelong addiction if I'm being honest here...

In this extreme heat, I've noticed my Nutella melts into liquid. Now you could look in the tub and say "oh no, what will I do now? It's a crime against Nutella to put it in the fridge, but it's turned to liquid!" or you could go down my route of crazy and say "hey, it looks like dipping chocolate" and consequently use the Nutella like fondue with the frozen bread.

I tell you, Nutella and frozen bread is a winning, disgusting, delicious combination and I'm sure somewhere in the hazelnuts it releases creative juices to help with the writing process. Trust me on this one....

 File:Chocolate spread.png

Of course you then need to invest in some serious gym time later that day.... but it's totally worth it.

What's your favourite writing snack? (Seriously, I need to stop eating so much Nutella...)


  1. Umm... I'm going to go with maybe a little nuts. But hey, I eat some pretty weird stuff, so who am I to judge. Fried pickles and ice cream- salty, sweet, and a little sour. Though I've only had it a few times, I'd like to eat it more.

    But for writing snacks, I'm like you, I like to snack while writing, but I try not to do it all the time. And I try not to keep snacks in the house because, well, I eat them. I usually resort to pretzels and chocolate chips. Salty and sweet- yum!

    1. Haha fried pickles and ice cream is a pretty odd one too! Sounds like you have a sweet 'n salty tooth!