Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RTW: My Love List

Another week, another Road Trip Wednesday! I love Wednesdays for this reason! It's a weekly blog hop hosted by YA Highway!

This week's post is inspired by Stephanie Perkins' post about a novel's "Love List".

What is your novel's Love List?

The love list is such a great idea. Mine is still very short, I've only been working on this current novel a couple of weeks, so I'm still just learning about my world, and learning about my characters. Regardless, there are a few things I love, or love to hate within my novel and these have made up my list

Silver-blue hair
Long eyelashes
Moss Covered Rocks
The waterfall
Flax bushes
Community love
Hidden house
Learning a new language
The colour green
Sterile labratory
Good eyesight!
Boy with a big heart
The strong extended family
The power of love
The friendship that extends to all ages


  1. Ooo. The hidden house and learning a new language sound especially interesting.

  2. This is a great list! I especially like and am intrigued by "the friendship that extends to all ages" and "hidden house". :D

  3. Silver-blue hair and learning a new language sound awesome to me! LOVE IT!

  4. Thanks so much everyone! I hope I can make it as intriguing as it sounds! haha!

  5. I agree, learning a new language sounds great! Community love and a strong extended family too!

  6. 'Sterile laboratory' caught my eye. So many things could happen with that image, benign or evil.

  7. Hmm... community love sounds interesting. And I love the setting details, too--moss covered rocks, flax bushes, waterfalls. Nice!

  8. Hidden house, a waterfall, and a boy with a big heart. I'm already smitten. It's a great list - I'm going to start doing this when my novels are in the beginning stages as well.

  9. I'm intrigued! I love the little details: silver-blue hair, moss-covered rocks...

  10. Good eyesight! jumped out at me, because I envy your characters (or whatever made you include it) that :)

  11. Learning a new language... mmmm... okay, I'm interested. :)

  12. Aw thanks guys! I love how supportive everyone is! I'm glad some of these words are generating some interest! Hopefully that means I'm on the right track!

  13. I'm interested to know how this crazy list all fits together. Thanks for sharing. :D

  14. All very visual descriptions!
    I love moss covered rocks, hidden houses, long eye-lashes (makes me think of Joe from THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE), and silver-blue hair.
    Great list, Samantha!

  15. Great list - certainly makes me curious!

  16. Yep, I'm ready to find out how all these things fit together!

  17. I love books that involve boys with big hearts! Great list!