Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello, my name is Leo and I'm a Lion

I don't think I'd be surprising anyone if I told them I have some very random thoughts go through my head. Sometimes I come up with something pretty awesome that I surprise myself, other times I really need to keep my mouth shut so I'm not given that classic "what are you talking about" look

Yep, this look. Photo is a screenshot :)

 Today I was playing with my dog and I couldn't help but wonder what he thought about. That led to me thinking about books that are told from the perspective of an animal and what kind of animal I would choose to write a story about.

There are a few animals I would love to give a voice to. Many of these have already been written about in the past, but I'd love to either be a Bengel tiger in Bangladesh; a rat who lives underneath the subway in New York City; a polar bear in the Arctic; a Fur Seal in Southland, New Zealand; a Koala in Australia .. during a bushfire, or a conniving Weka in the Able Tasman of New Zealand. 

So, I'm curious, if you could write a book from the perspective of any animal, what would it be and what would the setting be?


  1. I like your idea of a tiger in Bangladesh -- that cat could get into some pretty crazy adventures. I've always wanted to write from the perspective of a fish. Underwater life is so fascinating, but the landscape is usually pretty boring. Perhaps it could be a sunken ship, with divers looking for treasure, and maybe some ghosts.

    1. Oooh yes! Underwater! I find ship wrecks so creepy, I actually can't snorkel/dive around them because I find them so scary, so they'd be a perfect setting i reckon!

    2. Oh no, now I'm getting excited about this idea. What a powerful blog post.. :)

      Are you working on a story right now?

    3. Yes, am currently working on a story, although progress is very slow!

    4. Ohh, I know how that feels. It will pick up -- you just need to find your rhythm.