Monday, February 18, 2013

Trapped in my imagination

I've started noticing lately that when I really think about my book, about the plot, the characters and where the book is heading, I get trapped in my imagination. It's almost like I leave planet earth and take a vacation inside my head. I've started calling it my writing coma. Honestly, my eyes glaze over and I don't notice anything that is going on around me and I just slip into this world of writing.

The weird thing is, I don't necessarily have to be sitting or lying down!

Take this morning for example. I was heading to town on the bus. Usually on my bus rides I get engrossed in a book. However on my walk to the bus stop I was thinking about my own WIP and the plot. I was thinking how it might progress and what conflict my main character may meet. When the bus arrived, I was too wrapped up in my imagination to even open my book.

I started telling the story in my head. It plays out like a movie that I can edit and rewrite at every twist and turn. The characters will just stand there and look at me, waiting for my direction of what they must do next. Meanwhile, in reality, I'm sitting with a goofy look on my face, eyes glazed and totally not on this planet..... so pretty much looking like a good portion of New Yorkers on the subway in the morning.......Oh how I miss New York.

It's a good way though to zone out of reality and try out some ideas for your story. I've actually been doing this for years, creating little stories in my head to zone out to.

Does anyone else do this, or is it just me.....!?


  1. Oh yeah, I think I did that just yesterday. Usually I can think about my story without leaving this universe, but occasionally I get so wrapped up pondering plot turns I slip into some kind of trance, and then I'll blink and be back, having no idea how long I was out. Maybe I was just visiting my muse.

    1. haha same here. I'm sure i get some sort of awful glazed expression on my face too!

  2. I do this, too. All the time. I love the escape it brings, plus it's just plain fun.