Monday, June 10, 2013

The you behind the blog

I was thinking the other day, I've been talking to a lot of you for almost a year via the internet but there's only so much you learn about people via the web.

Obviously many people want to keep their private lives private, but I'm curious to know, as we're all writers and readers, what else fills up our days? What else do you like to do? What part of the world are you in? (Because i'm sure that impacts when you write and what you write about) What part of the world would you like to write in?

Maybe I could start...

I live in New Zealand - have recently moved back after a year in the USA. I plan to move to the UK next year after doing 6 weeks in Africa, and 2 weeks in Turkey. Ideally I'd love to live somewhere picturesque and remote to write. I'm thinking Alaska or Iceland. I'm imagining snow and grey skies and being able to sit inside by the fire place with a hot cup of cocoa and my imagination.

During the day I do marketing and publicity for an arts festival then in my spare time I work out at my local gym, I play my guitar, watch my favourite shows online, bake, spend time with my family and read. I don't have as much time to read anymore which consequently means it's taking me far longer to get through a book.

On the very little free time I have, I like to daydream about and plan my future travel. My man and I want to travel the whole world. You learn so much from traveling and get so much inspiration.

So ... that's pretty much me. Now I would LOVE to hear about all of you :)


  1. Sam, I like this post and I wanted to spread it around for others to take part. I answered your questions on my blog, iheart writing!

  2. I created the "About" page on my blog with this kind of thing in mind: what might people like to know about me, that they should probably know before they read my posts? Also, how much am I comfortable sharing with the world? I enjoy getting to know the people I read--and that includes musicians and published authors, as well as bloggers. If I enjoyed a book, I'll visit the author's blog, or follow them on Twitter to get to know them as much as they're willing to be known.

    So, to answer your question, I would say read my "About" page--which I know sounds kinda cheesy, like saying "read my book" or "please refer to my previous statement", but if anyone wants to get to know me, that's probably the best place to start. And it won't take long... I'm not really that interesting. :)

    1. I had a read :D Thanks Colin, it's really nice to be able to know a bit more about people. I for some reason thought you lived in MA. I'm curious about you moving from the UK to USA - Did you find it hard? My man and I are seriously considering trying to find a way we can relocate permanently to the USA at some point in the future to raise a family etc.

      I wish I was cool enough to have an 'About' page!

    2. Since I married an American, a lot of the technical, visa-type issues involved with moving to the States weren't an issue. The hardest part was leaving my family behind. Yeah, there are times I miss the weather (really!), the food (again--really!), and the tea, but that's all just stuff. However, there have been so many positives that came from the move, I don't regret it at all. One thing that helped was the fact that when we made the decision to move, I was unemployed, not long out of University, and already living 200 miles away from home, so aside from family, I didn't really have much tying me down. Moving itself was a bit of an adventure... but that's a story for a blog article sometime. Thanks for asking, Samantha. :)

      Oh, and since you're from NZ, you are way cool enough to have an "About" page. So make yourself one! :)

    3. Ah, I'm very jealous you didn't have the visa issues! But yes, that's what I imagine will be the hardest - leaving family behind! You miss the UK weather?! Wow! haha! I understand the food though, British food is somewhat similar to NZ food. When I did live in America it took me a long time to see pies at the check out counters of supermarket and wonder why meat pies weren't being refrigerated (until I realised of course that they weren't meat pies!)

      I'm moving to the UK next year for a few years so will be interested to see if I fall in love with it the same way as I did America. I've been to the UK and always loved the vibe and atmosphere so we'll have to see!

      Ha okay, i'll make myself an about page :)