Sunday, July 7, 2013



I was on such a great writing role, I had all these ideas kicking around in my head and then I got distracted. I got sucked into the world of The Game of Thrones.


I was going to watch it just when I had time (I was started from Season One), and for the first season I could see myself stretching it over a number of months. Then my co-workers started watching too so we'd have to watch a good number each night to discuss at work the next day. Then I simply got hooked.

I have three episodes left of season three, and after I've finished work and done the obligatory cake decorating for my cousin's third birthday party tonight I'm determined to finish.

The biggest problem however, is that I've TOTALLY abandoned my WIP. I'm so sorry. Terrible! I get distracted with things and those things become my whole world for a certain period of time until they come to an end (usually the end of a book or the end of the TV series so far, or until there is simply no more travel planning I could possibly do.)

Please tell me I'm not the only one?! Who else gets distracted, and what is it that usually distracts you?


  1. Summertime.

    I know you're going through winter, Sam. But here in the States, its all about the great outdoors. Barbeques. Picnics. Lazy days at the beach. Kids. Kids are the best and worst culprits. Luckily, they go back to school in a few weeks.

    Although, I don't watch a lot of TV, I love movies. They can eat a chunk of my writing time if I'm not paying attention, so I can see your point about losing precious writing time.

    My advice: Turn off the tellie and tell your coworkers you were writing instead of watching Game Of Thrones. They'll probably look at you like you're crazy, but respect you when your first published book hits the book stores. In ten years, no one will be talking about GoT, but they may be talking about your books. BOOKS. (I'm trying to motivate you. Did it work?) =D

    1. Oooh I know, summertime.... last year I was in America and put off even planning my book until after summer because the beautiful weather, the great outdoors, way too much of a distraction!

      Luckily I finished season three of GoT last night so now, me and my writing.... it's all on! You definitely motivated me. TV times can wait :-D