Monday, April 15, 2013

Withdrawal Pains

I have 'em. Withdrawal pains. From America. Sad, isn't it?

For those who don't know, I recently returned to New Zealand from a mind blowingly amazing 12 months living in New York and over 2 months travelling the USA.  I had what is quite possibly the most incredible experience of my life. I learnt so much about the country, the culture and of course myself. I have a lot to thank America for, and there is so much I miss about it.

I thought I was ready to leave New York. I thought it was time to move on and see what was around the next corner. While I was right to an extent, I was also so so wrong.

I've spent the last two months having serious withdrawal symptoms. Primarily for New York, but also for America in general. I miss it. I want to take off to Chicago this weekend, or spend a few days down in Florida...but I can't. It's too far and too expensive.

I miss the friends I made in America, and I miss my amazing roommate, and gluten free cinnamon chex! I miss the architecture, the history and the vibrancy.... I miss it all so much. I'm longing to go back, and my FH is the same.

America is such an incredible place, with so much diversity and intrigue. There's so much left for me to explore and I'm really not ready to move on from my love of New York and America.

If you have anything to say to take away the pain of these withdrawal symptoms, please, be my guest! Obviously this has nothing to do with writing, or reading. But I know so many of you live in America, and I'd love it if you could make me jealous but telling me about your town :D

I would love to hear any stories any of you Americans have of your incredible country, or any stories you non-Americans have of your travels through America. Please help my withdrawal pains!!!

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